Peptish Sellers Guide

Businesses of all sizes as well as individuals can list and sell their products on Peptish - its one of the fastest way to start selling your products online.

Be a Power Seller

Are you a seller, distributer, supplier, manufacturer, a retailer or a manufacturers agent? Sell your items on our storefront where millions of customers shop everyday. provides you with a platform to sell your products to its customers 24/7 without any hassle.

How to get started ...

All you need to do is

1. Decide what you want to sell online, get your products details ready i.e. products images, description,    prices etc

2. Apply for a vendors accounts and Start Selling now. 

3. Upload your listing to our catalogue i.e products pictures, prices, description, stock, etc.

We do everything for you including....

Once you list your products on peptish, you also get your own microstore within Peptish that shows only your products and  locatioin to our customers.

Customers can also chat you online or send you messages about specific products.

Peptish ensures all deliveries are within 2 - 24hrs. We can help to deliver your products to customers if you want us to.

We Advertise you and your brand in all our media and social media advert.

Instantly get alert when sales are made from your peptish store, you recieve payments before delivery or cash on delivery. 

We do all this to protect both the buyer and you and also to make sure fraud is avoided.

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