About us

Peptish team of professionals ready at your service !

Who we are

Peptish.com is Ghana's most complete Premier Online Shopping Mall for Small & Medium Size Businesses to sell their products (digital or tangible).

Our parent company Webnet Africa Ltd has been involved in Online marketing since 2002, helping to bridge the trade gap between economic boundaries using the internet. We are a team of professionals doing our job.

What we do

Peptish.com connect buyers with sellers by offering our wonderful secured platform & tools to thousands of individuals, suppliers and or wholesalers to sell to millions of buyers around the globe. We provide unlimited listing space for sellers/vendors to sell their products on our platform for free.

We bring to buyers deals at wholesale price from manufactures. Most products are sold and shipped by us from our warehouse in Accra, Ghana.

We also help protect Buyers interest by acting as an escrow to buyers payment until the purchased item is delivered and certify by buyer or if no return claims filled after the stipulated time period.

We assist sellers to ship purchased items to customers if they don't have the time to do it.

Peptish.com verify most of our vendors/sellers to ensure some level of credibility before we approve their application and give them a shop within our Online mall.

We offer unlimited products listing to over 180 categories and products detailed page for each item for free.

Our Payments partners includes Stanbic Bank Slydepay, Mobile Money payment and Cash on delivery (C.O.D).